What kind of plastic do you use?
The filament we use is a plant-based plastic called PLA+ or Polylactic Acid. It provides a strong and durable (stronger and more durable than standard PLA) product that has far less impact on the environment than other common printing plastics. Paint applies easily with no pre-cleaning required. One thing to be aware of is to be careful when storing in areas with high temperatures; PLA has a melting point of 180-220°C.
What kind of printer do you use?
At Modular Wargaming we use two printers; both the Creality Ender 3. They're powerful little FDM printers that provide great accuracy and quality prints. We will soon also have a Prusa i3 MK3S.
My models arrived unpainted! Some of the pictures you have are painted, why aren't mine?
All models purchased are supplied unpainted. If we were to paint them as well we'd have to charge a lot more for a painting service! The painted images you see are just examples of what the finished product could look like - there to inspire you!
My model has some plastic still attached, or there are some lines, holes and/or gaps.
Due to having a higher quality print some plastic may be still attached in some areas, but these can be easily removed either by hand, hobby knife or file. For visible holes or lines, this is a by-product of the printing process and can be common in printing large, flat surface areas (most commonly in bases). Luckily a quick file over top of these will merge the lines together. When you apply your paint or texture, these lines become practically invisible.
Do I need to clean the surface with anything before painting?
Nope, not at all. PLA is great and versatile plastic that needs no pre-cleaning before painting, but as always make sure you have an undercoat before painting colour.
My models are a different shade of grey to my last order, why?
Sometimes due to stock available from our supplier we get a darker or lighter shade of grey. Don't worry though, there's no difference in the quality of the product, just the colour.
I can't purchase anything, is there something wrong?
The most likely scenario is that we currently only ship within New Zealand. If you live outside of NZ, unfortunately you won't be able to purchase our products. If all goes well, you'll be seeing us launch worldwide in the future.