Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of plastic do you use?
The resin we use is a plant-based resin called PLA (Polylactic Acid) Photopolymer Resin and a plant based (PLA+) plastic filament for our FDM printing. It provides a strong and durable product that has far less impact on the environment than other common printing materials. PLA+ provides even better strength and flexibility than standard PLA, allowing us to provide the best product we can while keeping the environment in mind. One thing to be aware of is to be careful when storing in areas with high temperatures; PLA has a melting point of 180-220°C, however can warp in lower temperatures.
What kind of printer do you use?
At Modular Wargaming we use the Creality LD-002r resin printer and the Anycubic Wash and Cure machine to clean and cure our products. For FDM printing we use the Prusa I3 MK3s.
My models arrived unpainted! Some of the pictures you have are painted, why aren't mine?
All resin models purchased are supplied primed to give you a base to start from in order to paint them. Our FDM prints don't need painting as paint adheres very well to the print, so we leave that part to you. If we were to paint them as well we'd have to charge a lot more for a painting service! The painted images you see are just examples of what the finished product could look like - they're there to inspire you!
Will my model melt if I leave it in the sun?
Do not leave your printed models in your car or in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Even though our prints are durable, they are prone to high temperatures and if left in the car on a hot day, it will only take 10-15 minutes before they begin to warp, so don't take the risk! Models will begin to warp in temperatures around 30 - 40 degrees Celsius. It's best practice to leave your models inside a case while traveling to help mitigate that temperature increase, once at your destination, remove them from your car, take them inside and store them out of direct sunlight when home.
I've purchased some of your STL files, what am I allowed to do with them?
Our STL files come under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. What this means is that you are allowed to change, remix or adapt the file yourself and upload the changed file to the likes of thingiverse, cult 3d etc provided you credit Modular Wargaming as the original designer, provide a link to the same license, use the same license and apply no further restrictions upon others other than what this license provides. You may also share your changes with friends etc, but not the original file. You must also declare that Modular Wargaming does not endorse nor support you or your derivative without seeking express consent from Modular Wargaming.
You may not sell these files yourself and you may not sell any derivatives you have made originating from our work. If you wish to sell these files yourself or print and sell them, head over to our contact us page and we may be able to either sell you a license or come to another arrangement.
My model has some plastic still attached, is it supposed to be there, can I remove it? Some of them look like little nobbly bumps.

Yes! Remove that stray piece of plastic with either a hobby knife, file or just use your fingers. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure! While the models are strong, they can still break under too much force. We do try to remove as much as possible before sending the model out to you, but sometimes a small amount may remain.

Do I need to clean the surface with anything before painting?

We clean and cure all of our resin prints using our Anycubic Wash and Cure machine which results in a great, finished product. However, it can never hurt to be too careful and if you do manage to see any wet or sticky spots, wash your hands immediately and put the model in a bowl of water and dishwashing liquid and give them a gentle scrub to remove any of that excess resin.

For our FDM prints there's absolutely nothing you need to do, just go ahead and paint them!
I can't purchase anything, is there something wrong?
The most likely scenario is that we currently only ship within New Zealand. If you live outside of NZ, unfortunately you won't be able to purchase our products. If all goes well, you'll be seeing us launch worldwide in the future.
My question isn't answered here, what do I do?
If you don't find an answer to your question here, please don't hesitate to send us email regarding your inquiry through the contact us page.