Made to Order

As well as the current stock, we also offer a printing and design service. With this, we can:

  • Design and print terrain/bases that match the style of your army or existing terrain.
  • Design terrain/bases and send you the files to print.
  • Print .stl files you have designed/had designed and send them to you. Slight alterations may be considered. Please note it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have permission for the files printed through us.

Turn around times vary from model to model, but a standard print usually takes between 1-3 days to print. Once that is complete it will take a further 1-3 working days to arrive to you. However as this is a popular service we sometimes have a backlog - please enquire to get an up-to-date estimation. 

Larger pieces may require more expensive shipping due to their bulk and we will not ship anything larger than 250mm x 185mm x 170mm, but are happy to arrange for a time for you to come and pick up larger items

To order or request a quote please visit our Contact Us page or message us on our Facebook page, we'll be more than happy to chat to you.

Below we have some examples of files we have already designed and can print for you.


 Ancient Tomb Collection

For those looking for a sci-fi, egyptian themed style for their terrain.

Cathedral Ruins

Standing well over 200mm tall these ruins are a majestic addition to your table.  The depressions on one side are a perfect fit for our Gothic Floors to slot into.

Dual Missile Launcher

Great for decoration or to add to existing models.

Portal of the Damned

A great, evil looking piece with demonic runes carved into its surface and a wavering portal.



If you have your own 3D printer, we're currently working on making these files available for purchase, so keep an eye out!